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The  Virtual Parrot Head Club Quietly Making Noise … 

For Twenty  And Counting !!


PHIP would like to take this opportunity to let you   know a little about this “unique” club and how they adhere to the very same guidelines, rules and regulations of sanctioning as required by   other ‘land based” parrot head clubs. 

History Lesson … Early in the 1990s, the Virtual   Parrot Head Club was just a glimmer in the mind of Jill Pearson. She   forged the nucleus of a different kind of Parrot Head club... an online   Parrot Head Club! 

There would be no geographical boundaries to limit   membership, only one's appreciation for the lifestyle Jimmy Buffett   sings about would be a requirement. Using the tools available at the   time, Jill built the Virtual Parrot Head Club in the Parrot Head's   section of CompuServe's Florida forum. 

The success of the Virtual Parrot Head Club was   recognized by the official Jimmy Buffett Parrot Head Club sanctioning   body, Parrot Heads in Paradise, when it granted the VPHC an official   charter... the first, and only online Parrot Head Club! 

With the introduction of a VPHC web site in the   spring of 1996, Jill's dream was given international exposure and the   VPHC grew to global proportions. 

Over the 20 years, annual donations have varied but   included these charities … The American Red Cross,  Toys N Tots (A Key   West Police Department Toy Drive), Walk to End Alzheimer’s,  Bike MS,   The Visiting Nurse and Hospice Association of the Florida Keys and The   Scleroderma Foundation to name a very few. Over 20 years the VPHC has   donated to many other causes and hosts an annual Party With A Purpose   during Meeting of the Minds at the Bottle Cap Lounge and Bar on Simonton   St, Key West. 

It’s the one opportunity the VPHC members have to   gather, meet face to face and hold conversation with the Virtual PHC   Director of Communications, Jennifer Lott. 

The club base is made up of parrot heads who have   no local club to join but we also have members who boast multiple club   memberships. For many, the Virtual PHC was their very first club and   they remain loyal members. 

Many VPHC members travel to land based club events   to experience  the spirit of friendship and community and a few even   request a New Club Application and consider forming a new club where   none exists. 

We anticipate another year of growth in membership as word   gets out through the Coconut Telegraph that anyone who enjoys the music   of Jimmy Buffett and has the desire to give back but has no land based   club to join would find a home with like minded cyber parrot heads via   the Virtual PHC!

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Should you have any  questions please direct them to:

Communications President:  Jenn Lott: jjlott@fuse.net 

Sue Kermis: 


Likewise, any and all correspondence should be sent directly to this office at:

PHiP  Department of Membership
P.O. Box # 1647
Wildwood, FL 34785-1647